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New Gridironhardt Reinhardt Legendary Skin Announced

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A new Gridironhardt Reinhardt legendary skin has been announced today by Blizzard. The new skin is part of the upcoming summer games event which will run from August 9 to August 30 this year in the game.

Like last year, Blizzard is releasing a bunch of new skins for this years event, although it is not known at this time which hero will be getting a new skin next. It’s possible that Blizzard may announce one each day similar to the Retribution event.

The new Gridironhardt Reinhardt skin was announced on the Overwatch facebook page with a video post. You can view the announcement post below. It is the second skin to be announced for the event with D.Va having one announced yesterday.

If you are wondering, when does the Gridironhardt Reinhardt skin come out? It will be out on August 9.

Gridironhardt Reinhardt Legendary Skin

Gridironhardt Reinhardt Legendary Skin


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