PlayStation 4 Software Update 2.5 "Yukimura" Details

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PlayStation 4 Software Update 2.5 “Yukimura” Details

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The PlayStation 4 2.5 “Yukimura” update will be the first major update for the PlayStation 4 this year and it will bring with it a variety of new features to the console. According to PlayStation these will include:

  1. System Suspend and resume functionality: This feature allows Players to seamlessly suspend their PS4 during gameplay and resume playing from exactly where they left off at the touch of a button, putting PS4 into standby mode without interrupting long sessions of play.
  2. Stream both Share Play and Remote Play at 60 frames-per-second: This jump in streaming quality offers Players with high-speed Internet connections a loss-less experience when playing through a secondary device, maintaining the lightning-quick performance that Players have come to expect from PS4.
  3. Trophy integration: automatically capturing a screenshot at the moment each is earned, making it easier than ever for players to share their greatest gaming moments on PS4 with friends. This process has also been streamlined with the ability for trophies to be shared via a press of the Share button on the controller.
  4. Subaccounts to be promoted to master accounts via PS4: For those Players who are over the age of 18, giving full control to the account holder whilst retaining their existing PlayStation Network profile, complete with trophies and entitlements. Players who turn 18 will be prompted via the PS4 UI to provide the updated information required to graduate to a master account.
  5. Import your Facebook friends: Get your friends from Facebook onto your PS4 friend list.
  6. Upload directly to Dailymotion: Put your PS4 recorded videos onto dailymotion.

Playstation went on to say that “Yukimura also introduces a wide variety of supporting features designed to heighten the user experience on PS4, including inverted colours on screen, text to speech, enlarged text, a bolder fonts, higher contrast user interface options as well as the ability to zoom for displayed pictures . Users will also be able to assign custom button configurations for the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to suit their particular needs, ensuring all Player’s have a control setup that fits their habits and play-styles.”

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