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“The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff” Pack Review

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It’s time for me to review yet another stuff pack for The Sims 4! This time it’s all about Fitness.
I can hear you ask, “… but Alex, what about Spa Day? Isn’t that about Fitness? What’s the difference?” Yes, I know it might feel that way, but Spa Day focuses mainly on Wellness. The Sims 4 Fitness will be a great “tie-in” for The Sims 4 Spa Day. The two go hand in hand really well!

My Review on “The Sims 4: Fitness” Stuff Pack

In The Sims 4 Fitness, we are greeted with all new content related somehow to Fitness or an Active Lifestyle. New clothes feature Active Wear style tops, bottoms, shoes and leggings. Along with  new and unique hairstyles all which have really great detail. This part of the game impressed me as I was quite let down by the lack of quality in previous packs. Its great to see the quality is back up there!

The new furniture items are quite exciting as well! The theme here is quite “Ultra Modern” with glass table tops, and funky wood grain details. There is also a super awesome set of ceiling lights, much like the ones that frequent every trendy lighting showcase — and not to mention K-mart’s home ware range. Again, amazing textures and details in all the content. I actually believe the pack is worth it just for these two points. But let’s consider the star of the show, the Fitness…

Of course there is a new Treadmill and Weights Machine, but the “Top Hitz Rock Climbing Wall” is the main feature in this pack. Let me just say, this thing is super impressive but if you want to place this beast inside, you will need to have the highest wall setting to accommodate it. There are a range of settings and programs, not all unlocked to the beginner, no matter how high the Fitness Skill level. There are three main difficulty levels to unlock, and also added challenges such as a time trial and the dangerous challenge. Check out my tacky commercial here…

Aside from the spectacular details in the furnishing and Create A Sim items, my favourite part of this pack has to be the smaller things. Ear-buds can be ordered through a Sims personal computer and they can use these babies anywhere! I really missed the option to be able to have portable music for my sims, and with the “multitasking” functions of The Sims 4, I am so excited for this to be back in the game.

Another cool addition is the TV Workouts available to the self conscious, home dwelling sims. They can dance along to a Zumba type program (Plumboomba) or try the total body sculpting program.

Don’t get me wrong. The “fitness” phenomenon will never go away. The public will always pay big bucks for fads, pills, miracle cures and the easiest way out – when it comes to losing weight. However, I feel like when it comes to gaming. I don’t want to be thinking about a fitness regime. That’s usually the LAST thing on my mind, and the packet of Twisties next to my keyboard will back that up. Anyway, I guess I’ll be left feeling guilty again while my Sim has the six-pack I’ve dreamed about…

Alexandra Eve joined Resident Entertainment in 2016 as our Sims writer. She has always enjoyed the Sims series and as one of the biggest fans of the game, we think she is the best choice out there to cover The Sims. She has been playing video games since her father introduced her to the Commodore 64 in the early 90's. She enjoys retro games, family games, puzzle games, some role playing games and also, Simulation Games. Her favourite games include Pokemon, The Sims, Animal Crossing, Kirby and Lego Games.

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