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Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Review – Post Episode Discussion

So Dragon Ball Super episode 120 just aired and in this one, Universe 7 and its remaining fighters face off against Universe 3 and their remaining warriors.

Even though there’s always some danger when facing off against any Universe in this tournament, I had for some time not been so worried about what Universe 3 could actually do. Sure they had a bunch of strong robots as part of their team, but we’d seen them fight a few episodes back against a stamina drained Goku and they weren’t too threatening. It was Caulifla who stepped into the fight and knocked them all away fairly easily and they’ve been gone since.

In this episode the robots return to fight for their Universe’s survival. With Universe 4 gone, it’s just down to three final teams.

At first it’s all chaotic as the bots attack Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, 17 and 18 all at once. But eventually the battles break off into 17 and 18 teaming up against one opponent and Gohan taking the rest. This gives time for Vegeta and Goku to recover some stamina which we all know they’ll need to fight against Universe 11 in a few episodes time.

The battle between the Androids and I guess we can say the Universe 3 Android was fairly short. The Universe 3 fighter had completely misjudged their opponents. Universe 7 Androids have unlimited energy and won’t tire out, so it was the wrong strategy from the beginning. The poor guy gets blasted non-stop until he breaks apart and 18 kicks him from the arena. I guess it’s a bit embarrassing but Dr. Gero seems to have created better Androids than anything in Universe 3, which is completely based on doing just that!

Android 17 and Android 18 - Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Review

Android 17 and Android 18 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Review

Gohan on the other hand, struggles with his fight with the three opponents. Although he is powered up to full, we all know he’s just not as strong as the rest. At this point, I think he’s placed just above 18 in strength for the team. But he tries his best and stays in the fight. This pushes his opponents to merge together to create one massive android. This one is much stronger with all the power combined and gives Gohan some trouble. Surprisingly though, Goku and Vegeta both interfere and join the fight (making it 3v3). Universe 7 then quickly dispatches of the new merged bot.

It all looks to be the end for Universe 3. But there was a fighter there I hadn’t mentioned that was taunting Universe 7 all throughout the episode. This was Dr. Paparoni. I don’t like the name at all, but he was there and was almost knocked out of the arena. It seems though, that while he did look weak, he wasn’t. This fighter will form the basis for what is to be the final Universe 3 fight next week.

Judging from the preview, it looks like Dr. Paparoni has a transformation and is possibly very powerful. I did see for a bit in there, Frieza steps in to fight him. Will this be the big opponent for Frieza? We also hear Goku also call upon Vegeta too. Could this mean a Vegeta/Frieza team up next week?

Doctor Peperoni in Dragon Ball Super - What threat could he pose for Universe 7 next week?

Doctor Paparoni in Dragon Ball Super – What threat could he pose for Universe 7 next week?

Overall this was a fun episode, but didn’t bring the action bar higher than we’ve seen in other episodes of this arc so far. Seeing the Androids perform well again was pleasing and it’s nice that Gohan wasn’t knocked out and that he got help from Vegeta and Goku. But next week looks to be the real Universe 3 fight, just how will it turn out? Will Universe 7 lose any more warriors before going on to fight Universe 11?

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