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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Just in Case Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead: Just In Case Review

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just aired and it focuses on much more characters than we got in last week’s episode. In this episode, we see what’s going on in the past with Madison as she tries to lead her group during a food crisis at the baseball stadium, while the Vultures continue to linger outside of her settlement. Meanwhile, in the present, Alicia leads her group of people to a place where the Vultures are expected to meet, in order to ambush them.

I was looking forward to seeing this week’s episode. Last week’s episode was okay, but I was little disappointed with it really. But this week I’m happy to say that things were much better. The focus of this episode was on the wider cast members and much of it was in the past with Madison’s group at the baseball stadium.

It seemed that at the time, there was quite a shortage of food and things were about to start going bad. By now, I don’t think Victor’s food resource he found a few episodes ago is still going, so the group is a little lost as to what to do. Laura gets caught sneaking out and seems to have taken it upon herself to go and get the resources from her old camp. We see Laura travel towards her camp with Victor and Madison, but as it’s quite far and they stop to camp for the night on their way there. Laura sneaks off and continues on towards her old camp on her own. Laura makes it there, but ends up in trouble.

We learn quite a bit about Laura’s character in this episode and things with her are developed even more than they were last week. We learn about what happened to her daughter and the rest of the people she lived with and how she blames herself for all their deaths. Going back and seeing them all turned looked to be quite traumatising for her, luckily Madison and Victor were there to save her in the end.

Madison, Victor and Laura return to the stadium with a truck full of food and things are all good once again. The Vultures see this and we learn that they are low on food themselves and won’t be able to wait out the camp without going hungry. So they leave. What I think is a little bit odd is that most characters seem to assume the Vultures won’t come back and surprisingly Alicia is one of those. But Madison, isn’t so easily tricked and tells Alicia to prepare a Land Rover. This moment is a key part of the episode because it is what is used for the final twist of the episode. We see the Land Rover arrive, but Madison isn’t with it, where could she be? Why isn’t she safe? What happened to Madison is becoming a major question this season.

The one part of this episode that I was disappointed with, was with the final scenes before the final twist for the cliffhanger at the end. We see at the start John and Morgan have one of the Vultures and are interrogating him, I guess so they find the location. The problem I have with this, is that at the end of the episode, Morgan tells Alicia that they told the Vultures where Alicia and her group would be and also not to bother them. Like as if the Vultures are just going to listen to all that. Why would they?! Really Morgan should know better than that and John, put his whole group in danger. Even worse is when Morgan and John arrive, they bring Alicia’s group out into the open where anyone can see them. It’s a disaster for Alicia really and even worse is that when John finally sees Laura, he goes over there towards her and Alicia is so mad that Madison isn’t there that she shoots John down. John is potentially dead now, although I do think he’ll probably be saved as Laura is a nurse, but things just didn’t go his way at all.

There’s some interesting things that came out of this episode which I’m hoping next week will cover. I’m hoping that we can finally see what happened to Madison and why she is separated and also what happened to Laura that made Alicia claim she was dead just a few episodes ago. There’s also some questions about who the brother was that Alicia was not sorry about that’s now dead. Who was that? I liked in this episode how much more ruthless Alicia was, little things like kicking Morgan’s stick away, not being sorry for the Vulture brother death was a major burn and also shooting down John at the end was all great. Alycia Debnam-Carey did some great stuff with the character and so far this season she’s my favourite, I hope they can develop her even further, especially now without Nick there, we need someone to fill that void.

This was overall a pretty great episode for the show, with a lot to discuss. The way it ended left me excited to see what might happen next week.

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