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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review

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So the latest episode of Game Of Thrones has just gone to air and just to let you know now, there will be spoilers in this post episode review and discussion.

In this episode we witnessed the conclusion of the long running storyline about the Night King vs everyone else. For the most part this episode was mostly action based. There was little in it to further the plot much, except for right at the end when Arya came out of nowhere and killed the Night King. I quite liked this and it did surprise me at the end seeing Arya jump out in the way that she did. We do know it was their plan originally to use Bran as bait so they could lure the Night King there, but as we saw in the episode before this moment, much of that plan didn’t really work out.

With much of the episode being an action based one, I felt that what was shown of the battle was excellent. In many ways the battle scenes had movie like production quality with soldiers fighting the dead and dragons flying high in the sky burning the dead armies from above.

Much of the scenes were very dark though and it was hard to get a sense of scale and later in the episode there was a snow storm which further limited vision. These things made the episode feel quite tense for the viewer, but I also felt they were done to minimise the scale for what is a large battle for a single episode of TV with a production budget to meet.

The cgi was good yet again and the dragons were the highlights of the show. I’ve been wanting to see a dragon battle for some time and this episode delivered that.

Overall this was quite a good action based episode, which more than delivered on the action based experience. The end of the plot featuring the Night King and his dead people is nice to see and the best moment was right after Arya jumped out and got him for good. Many will be sad about some of the favoured characters falling in battle here, but they all died well and it’s not so bad in the end. I am looking forward to seeing how next week’s episode goes and how our characters move on from this.

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