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OUT NOW: Stardew Valley on Mobile

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“Stardew Valley” is now available on iOS and Android as of the 24th of October 2018.

Stardew Valley coming to mobile

If you’re looking for another way to escape “Real-Life” situations, you can now take to the Farm in Stardew Valley. Concerned Ape posted earlier this month have now released the 8-bit, open world, RPG, farm simulator to mobile devices on Apple and Android. (Google Play to come soon)

The best part about Stardew Valley in our pockets, is that we have access to the full game. (Up to Version 1.3 Single Player) The Story line and Game play are exactly the same to the versions we know well. Aside from some expected “formatting for mobile devices” — so far, it feels like home. While we have to pay a hefty $12.99 for this mobile game, it is great value considering this is the cheapest option between console, PC and mobile.


One thing that was amended for the mobile versions is the ability to control the game with the touch screen. The new “touch screen” controls are an interesting addition for a long-time player. You have the ability to touch the screen on everything — from walking, to viewing the inventory, crafting and moving through pages. I am always sceptical about controls on Mobile Games. I have to admit, I am finding it to be fairly easy to control. The only drawback so far is that my finger is constantly in the way when walking. Perhaps a bigger iPhone screen would be better?

Concerned Ape have also given us the option to bring our PC saves via iTunes to our mobile games. I was so impressed! That way, you don’t need to live through the painful Role Playing Events that occur when starting a new game. Of course, starting a new game sometimes feels like a new day, with perhaps a new farm plot and new love interests to explore. Or, perhaps an evil Joja run is in order?

Stardew Valley Mobile can be purchased on iPhone and Android from today.

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