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Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Review

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There Are Some Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Review

So the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super aired this week and this one continues on immediately after the events of episode 117. Goku is squaring off against the remaining Universe 2 fighters and we also take a look at how Gohan and Piccolo are fairing against the Universe 6 Namekians.

Goku is still exhausted from his confrontation with Kefla and while he should be able to easily handle the fighters from Universe 2, he’s just not really able to keep up against 3 of them at once in his current state. Luckily for Goku, Android 17 and Android 18 step in and help him out so now it’s 3 v 3.

As we watch the episode progress we learn that Universe 2 has been broadcasting the entire tournament to their home universe. Brianne and the rest are I guess all super stars and everyone there is full of nothing but love for their fighters. The encouragement from Brianne and the rest there seems to give the three Universe 2 fighters, all male ones similar powers to Rozie, Brianne and Sanka and funnily enough, their clothes as well. Rabanra, Zarbuto and Zirloin all look really silly, but they’ve got strength and do their best against Goku and the Androids.

Goku is starting to get worn our from fighting constantly

Goku is starting to get worn our from fighting constantly

Universe 2 places all of their hopes in one final attack, which was sort of like a black hole of love. They trap Goku and the Androids who can’t stand because the gravity in there is so high. Unfortunately though, Goku is just too strong and breaks out of it by going into his blue form and uses his kamehameha wave to get out. This sends Universe 2’s warriors out of the arena and it’s all over for them.

At the same time we see Gohan and Piccolo work together to fight against the Universe 6 Namekians. Universe 6’s Namekians are very powerful and we learn that it’s because they’ve absorbed so many of the Namekians from their home world. Fans who remember from back in DBZ, this is what Piccolo had done to achieve extra strength.

But even with all the Namekians, it’s not enough, Gohan in his Ultimate form is able to hold them off and Piccolo is able to charge his special beam cannon attack and send the two from the arena.

I do feel that the Piccolo fight with Gohan was good, but I wondered why they didn’t take any chance to develop Piccolo here. What he is doing is basically wiping out another planet of Namekians, his own people. But at the end of the episode we see no comment or reaction from him at all. When Universe 6 goes, we see Vegeta become very angry due to losing another Saiyan planet. But why not Piccolo?

The time came at the end of the episode for both Universe 2 and 6 to go. In the end it was a little sad, I loved the characters from Universe 6 so much and I still don’t believe this will be the end of them all for good. But seeing so many characters go at once was sad a little, Universe 2 went away with a message of love and so did Universe 6 as well. We see Champa walk over towards Beerus, his brother, who is trying his best I think not to show any emotion at all with his brother about to be erased. Champa being the character he is, pulls a face at the last moment and lightens up the mood slightly. It was nice.

Overall this was a nice episode, with some excellent animation throughout its run time. I do feel that they missed a big opportunity with Piccolo’s character in it though. Next week we might get to see what Vegeta is up to as it ended with a scene from him, but from watching the preview, it seems Universe 4 is about to start causing some trouble for our Universe 7 warriors.

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